SUEVI Session

SUEVI Session 018: Cera Perdida
Session Info
SUEVI Session episode 018 is a comeback by our artist
Cera Perdida right from Colombia.

After releasing his "S163 / S136" EP on our label, Cera Perdida takes over again our SUEVI Session with an exclusive set, playing his favorite tracks at this moment.
Session Tracklist
01. Hydergine - Augmented Reality (Fluxion Remix)
02. Luke Hess - Kratos (Original Mix)
03. Mathimidori - Asaka (Original Mix)
04. Mikkel Metal - Wahomi (Original Mix)
05. El Choop - render_006_jade (Original Mix)
06. Paul St. Hilaire, Rhaude - Skank Dub (Original Mix)
07. Klockworks - Sean (Original Mix)
08. Harrison BDP - Invisible in the Dark (Original Mix)
09. Skudge - Grain (Original Mix)
10. Vainqueur, Substance - Libration (Original Mix)
11. David Alvarado - Blue (Dub)
12. Basic Channelb - Octagon (Original Mix)
13. Eric Cloutier - Ipseity (Original Mix)
14. Sublime Porte - Cascade (Heiko Laux Remix)
15. Altstadt Echo - Because We're Carrying The Fire (Original Mix)