SUEVI Session

SUEVI Session 016: Gianfranco Echandia
Session Info
SUEVI Session episode 016 was provided by our fresh artist
Gianfranco Echandia right from Peru.

After releasing the "Two Cats / Morning It's Coming" EP on our label, Gianfranco Echandia takes over our SUEVI Session with an exclusive set, playing his favorite tracks at this moment.
Session Tracklist
01. Trikka - Be With U (Original Mix)
02. Harrington - What You Want (Original Mix)
03. Khonsu The Child - Dutch For Me (Original Mix)
04. NATS - Ritmo (Original Mix)
05. REVLER - Going Deep (Original Mix)
06. James McGeehan & Closur - Addiction To Thinking (Original Mix)
07. Billie Eilish - Therefore I Am (Whispers Remix)
08. ZHU - Faded (Zuffo & Jovi Remix)
09. Syntax Era - Coleman (Original Mix)
10. Final Wish (IRE) - Let Me Know (Original Mix)
11. REVLER - Struggle (Original Mix)
12. Micky Hargreaves - Talkin' To You (Original Mix)
13. Van Damn - беда (Original Mix)