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Awesome release prepared by Gin Crown from Germany, who delivered 'Feel It' and 'Cold As Ice' tracks. The first tune 'Feel It' celebrates the power of intuition. Often, we make better decisions when we listen to our inner feelings, even if the mind harbors doubts or lacks the necessary knowledge. This reminds us that our intuition is an inexhaustible source of wisdom that guides us, even when the path appears uncertain. It is a musical journey that teaches us to trust ourselves, even when the mind is uncertain. Let this track inspire you to connect with your intuition and find the courage to pursue the path that fulfills you the most. The second tune 'Cold As Ice', in a time when the thundering waves lapped the Nordic shores and the winds of the North carried their epic tales, a track emerges that captures the essence of the Viking era. It is a powerful testament to days gone by, an ode to an era where honor and courage were the currencies of bravery. The sounds of this song are as cold as the icy sea the Vikings crossed, yet as hot as the fire of their passion and determination. With each beat of the drum and every cry of the vocals, the spirit of the Vikings is revived, their strength and resolve transmitted through every note. Enjoy these great tunes at a party on the dance floor and play them loud!
Release Info
01. Feel It (Original Mix)
02. Cold As Ice (Original Mix)

Genre: Techno

Catalog No: SVR112
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