SUEVI Release

Release Description
We re-release our label founder Robbie Jay's third track from 2018, a well-known label anthem and we included five excellent remixes in different genres from our SUEVI tribe.
This release opens with the epic intro mix, a truly unique journey to the forgotten places of China. The melancholic piano chord and the ear-catching erhu, combined with some carefully collected natural sounds, will take your soul to another dimension. Next, we jump to a serious techno remix by Hightower, a powerful interpretation from Ecuador.
After we jump to the deep melodic techno section of this release and follow the catchy remix by Fuenzalida from Chile. Continuing with a special hypnotic techno interpretation from Nikita Berdnik.
Next, the penultimate is Emanuil Hristov from Bulgaria, who presents an epic melodic techno remix.
The release closes with a severe deep techno remix by Cera Perdida from Colombia.
This remixed release is a perfect follow-up to the first one, a truly colorful music and geographical journey for everyone and everywhere!
Release Info
01. Nüwa (Intro Mix)
02. Nüwa (Hightower Remix)
03. Nüwa (Fuenzalida Remix)
04. Nüwa (Nikita Berdnik Lost In The Space Remix)
05. Nüwa (Emanuil Hristov Remix)
06. Nüwa (Cera Perdida Remix)

Genre: Progressive House | Deep House | Techno | Melodic Techno | Deep Techno

Catalog No: SVR074
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