SUEVI Release

Release Description
We re-release our label founder Robbie Jay's third track from 2018, a well-known label anthem and we included five excellent remixes in different genres from our SUEVI tribe.
This release opens with the original mix with deep bass and the characteristical progressive plucks, together with the ear-catching erhu instrument, which will bring you a unique color for every party.
Next, we jump to a special vocal house remix, a unique interpretation in the DR.CAPE style from Italy.
Followed by Stereoimagery from Canada, presenting his specific tech house style.
After we jump to a deep tech remix from the Portugal duo, 2WB.
Followed by a catchy tech remix by Yuli Romero from Spain.
The release is closing with a unique deep house reinterpretation by Alex Zgreaban from Romania.
This release is a phenomenal experience and an amazing musical and geographical journey for everyone, who wants to enjoy these tracks at a party on the dance floor.
Release Info
01. Nüwa (Original Mix)
02. Nüwa (DR.CAPE 'Summer Nights' Vocal Mix)
03. Nüwa (Stereoimagery Remix)
04. Nüwa (2WB Remix)
05. Nüwa (Yuli Romero Remix)
06. Nüwa (Alex Zgreaban Reinterpretation)

Genre: Progressive House | Deep House | House | Tech House | Deep Tech | Techno

Catalog No: SVR073
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