SUEVI Artist

Artist Biography
An extraordinary dancer, a music perfectionist, and specialist, a master of the sky in what party concerns and a charming lover soul Peter spends most of his time optimizing his sets, tracks and enriching himself with all the knowledge that will help him to perfect his qualities.

He has participated in festivals such as The BPM Festival with figures like Julian Jeweil and Neverdogs among others not much less known locally. He also had the honor of performing at the Watergate Worldwide festival of the famed Berlin Club Watergate, sharing a flyer with Marco Resmann (Berghain Resident), among other festivals and sharing cabin with a large list of the most recognized Djs and producers along the world such as Stefano Noferini, Mendo, Ambivalent (Minus), Sasha Carassi, Fur Coat (Hot Creations, Crosstown Rebels), Pig & Dan (Cocoon Records, Bedrock), Yousef (Defected, Get Physical ), Lee Van Dowski (Cocoon Records, Bedrock, Mobilee Records), Gorge (Noir Music, 8Bit, Suara), Danny Benedettini (Items & Things), Felipe Venegas (Cocoon, Cadenza, Drumma), Elio Riso, Aldo Cadiz (Desolat, Moan, Kling Klong), Argenis Brito, Zomboy, Borgore, Miami Horror, Deep Mariano (Nite Recordings, Get Slow), Diego Ro-K, Gabriel Ferreyra (Items & Things), Jorge Ciccioli, Jorge Savoretti (Minus, Viva Music), Udolph, Max & Nim, Manu Desrets, Seph, Tomy Saenz, Toomy Disco, Ariel Rodz, Bodeler, Juan Zolbaran, Ronan Portela, Mariano Trocca, Matias Sunblad, Spitfire (Luis Nieva + Miguel Silver), Londonground and Matteo Americola for mention a very little part of that list. He was a Resident of Pacha Buenos Aires, Jet, Vita, Voodoo among others not less important clubs and parties residences such as Music Master Series, Dementon and Union Woods to mention a few of them, besides having participated in the booth of almost all the most important clubs in Buenos Aires and a large number of the most famous parties around the world. It should be noted that Peter was always the most prominent figure over the others regardless of the size of the name as it carries an overwhelming personality and a never seen musical selection.

Talking about his music Peter´s Productions are characterized by the inclusion of hypnotic sounds and grooves rich in body and brightness. His production has the support of artists like Marco Carola, Richie Hawtin, Christian Hornbostel, Dandy & Ugo, Dubtechie, Stacey Pullen & D-Formation to mention some of them. Talking about his mixing´s the music styles that Peter prefers are very broad because his main search when choosing the themes is the quality of art achieved regardless of the style, and also likes to have a great variety of musical tools to avoid monotony and thus keep the dancefloor connected and fun throughout the set. But we can say he has a preference for Techno and House sounds and his top style at the hour of mixing is Techno and Tech House.

He is the owner of his own Label called Clarividence with his brother in arms and soul Rodrigo Lugano A.K.A Dubtechie. The specialty of the label is to find a new artist and allow the much-experienced artist the possibility of showing his more experimental and creative part of their production as giving them the possibility of showing all the knowledge they have in production and translate it to very unique tracks that no one has heard it before.

2019 catches Peter with much desire for new roads and adventures, starting with a tour in Spain and Eastern Europe we can say that Peter is ready to conquer the world with The Champion Of The World Tour 2019!