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Artist Biography
Moving Shapes is an Italian DJ and Producer living in the UK. His love for House Music goes back to the mid 90's where he, as a teenager, used to follow and dance with fellow friends DJs around the region. Growing up in one of the South Italy’s hub for House music (Puglia) he managed to participate to some of the most iconic nights and listen to some of the most influential DJs such as Francois K, Tony Humphries, Loui Vega etc.

After a period of inactivity, 5 years ago, his passion was re-born, and his passion is now stronger than ever. Since then, Moving Shapes has shared his love for House Music around South Yorkshire and London in the UK. His style of music is eclectic and not restricted to one style only, in his set it’s possible to listen to some gems from the past as well as the latest releases taking the listener on a journey through time. As a producer, Moving Shapes creates a mix of dreamy and intricate tracks tapping from influences from the past, using the latest technologies to design a unique style, The Moving Shapes Style.

Moving Shapes