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Ivan Goldenberg

Ivan Goldenberg
Artist Biography
Iván Goldenberg is an Argentinean DJ and producer who was born in 2002 in Cordoba city.
From childhood, he was all the time surrounded by musicians with his mother clarinetist, uncles trumpeter and violinist, and grandmother pianist. At 4 years old he started studying violin and piano.
He introduces himself to electronic music at the age of 12 and starts his career at 16 years old, mixing in private parties and clubs in his natal city.

In his productions, Ivan wants the listeners to travel through deep atmospheres and harmonies with the energetic airs of House and Techno. The imprint is minimalism. With few elements make introspective trips and realize that everything is connected, nature, universe, and singularities as all of us are, while considering we are all the same and have a special mission. Cycles are the way that the universe wants to show us what we have to learn and which is our potential, that we may not know at all.

For Ivan music must be a channel of communication with the people, complaining that all emotions are important and there is nothing more important than life with love and passion.