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Artist Biography
Horace is known as the techno-pioneer in Romania. In over 20 years of DJ-ing and producing, he achieved many important goals in electronic music.

In 1993, as a kid, with the help of 2 friends, he put together an electronic music band called 4 Me Double; he also started then his activity as a DJ at private parties. His radio debut was in the summer of 1995 as he produced the first electronic music show in Transylvania and the second in Romania. In December 1995 he organized the first electronic music party in Transylvania, called Rave Time.

Since then, he played in clubs and at festivals across Romania, and starting with 2003 he got a lot of international bookings across Europe. Horace was the first Romanian DJ that had a tour outside Romania: June 2003 in Germany and August 2003 in Poland. Since then, he has often been invited to play in clubs and at events in Germany, Poland, Hungary, Switzerland, Austria, Czech Rep., Spain, Serbia, France, Italy, etc. Germany, Hungary, and Poland are the countries with the most parties where Horace was invited to play.

He was the one who built the electronic music scene in Transylvania, the success of some national and regional festivals like Delahoya, Transylvanian Summit, and DJs Gathering is due to Horace Dan D’s contribution as DJ and promoter and to the CRS organization.

Among the events where he played as guest DJ, the most important are the Street Parade 2004 & 2006, Mayday Budapest 2005, Electric Castle Festival 2014, 2015 & 2016, Snow Fest (France) 2016 & 2017 events where he was appreciated by the crowd as well by notorious DJs that shared the same stage.

In regards to his radio and TV appearance outside Romania, Horace Dan D. played at the radio-show Pitch Control produced by Chris Liebing and Pauli Steinbach (HR3-XXL). He was also invited to play at Radio RMI Poznan (Poland) and Masik Radio (Hungary) and a lot of his DJ sets were broadcasted at radios around the world.

Horace has also produced many tracks, some of them were included in compilations like “25 Years of Loveparade” (the official Loveparade compilation), “Ich hab’ heute leider kein House fuer dich” (label: Credo), on the “Can you feel it?” ep released by the berlin-based label Kuukou Rec. (with a fantastic exposure around the globe), “Canyon Voice” also on Kuukou Rec., the ep “Entropic Alignment” released by the german label 069Techno, the remix for Orbit Team on Berlin-based label IU2U, other tracks released at many labels from Romania, USA, Germany, Poland, Austria, UK, Sweden, France, Italy, Abkhazia, etc. All together, there are over 70 tracks on releases. Of course, other tracks are expecting to be released.

He played so far with well-known names like Chris Liebing, UMEK, The Advent, James Zabiela, Funk D’Void, Paco Osuna, Alan Fitzpatrick, Siriusmodeselektor, Marco Bailey, Luigi Madonna, Jay Lumen, Pascal FEOS, Dave Angel, Valentino Kanzyani, Octave One, Trevor Rockliffe, Oliver Hunteman, Tom Novy, Alan Fitzpatrick, Troy Pierce, Toni Rios, Redhead, Chris Liberator, Felix Kröcher, Samuel L. Session, Markantonio, Jesper Dahlback, Marco Lenzi, Tim Taylor, Marko Nastic, Lucca, Danillo Vigoritto, Alex Bau, Felipe, Pet Duo, Pauli Steinbach, and many, many more.

Horace Dan D. is playing only on turntables (even 3), a performance that is being improved with a Cyclops and an Air FX. In the last years, he’s using also the new digital devices to improve his sets. He loves music that has rhythm and makes you move. His performance is very dynamic. The music-style he loves to play is techno (almost every type of techno) sometimes spiced with other influences from other styles.