SUEVI Artist

Artist Biography
Emanuil Hristov is a tech-house and techno DJ, producer, and live performer. He was born in 1984 in Bulgaria- Stara Zagora.
He started his musical career as a DJ in 2002, playing house and techno in some of the clubs in his hometown, parallel with that Emanuil made his own music. After a few years, Emanuil began to create his own studio at home and started making quality electronic music under the pseudonym - Emanuelf. In collaboration with other artists, he started performing live at some of the biggest festivals in Bulgaria.

His love of electronic music, synthesizers, drum machines, and the whole process of creating sounds led him to graduate with a degree in Sound Design and Virtual Studio Technology. Today Emanuil Hristov uses his real name as an artist and releases music for many international and Bulgarian labels. His tracks have been charted by many DJs all around the world, even DJs like Hernan Cattaneo.

And the things are just getting better ☺