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Artist Biography
Dr.Cape is an electronic music DJ/Producer based in Milan. He was born in 1996 and since childhood showed interest in music.
At 6 years old he started to listen to his father’s records collection, which was predominantly blues music.
Then, Dr.Cape discovered his sister’s music cassettes containing electronic music, and DJ sets and it was love at the first listen.
At 14 years old Dr.Cape approached music production and since then, he never stopped.

At 16 years old, he went to the club for the first time and that night he was the DJ. During all these years he made a lot of experience in the studio with different musicians, producing different music genres with instruments and digital software.
The turning point is reached when he purchased the first drum machine followed by the first synthesizer and so on.
He produced a lot of bootlegs and experimented with analog synthesizers.