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David Lujaroo

David Lujaroo
Artist Biography
David Lujaroo is an Iranian musician, Techno DJ, and experimental biologist who was born in 2000 in the city of Mashhad in Iran. He started his music career at the age of eighteen in the style of electro and neotrance, and at the age of 20, his first official album called Genesis was released. He works in electro, techno (mainly German techno), EDM, psychedelic electronics, and life-oriented music. He is one of the few techno and dance musicians from Iran.

As a child, he migrated to the city of Shahrood in the center of Iran for 12 years and acquired most of his knowledge of music there, and introduced him to electronic music. First, he studied sound production with software synthesizers, and then he started mixing engineering and tried to combine creativity, sensibility, and scientific rules in the form of techno music.
David is very skilled at working with synthesizers, especially arpeggiators, and sequences, *Arpeggios are like a pulse in the music I create*. From his childhood, he was fascinated by nature and plants, especially flowers, and was inspired
by them in creating his works. In fact, he is a botanist, but he studied all his learning in biology.