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Christian Auxtin

Christian Auxtin
Artist Biography
Berlin-based Christian Auxtin has found his place in the House and Techno scene over the last twenty years. Although the Tech House producer & DJ can look back on a good number of releases, he is far from being old news. If you look around in Tech House music these days, this producer and DJ seem to be a one-off. This is by no means a disadvantage because, with all the energy in his head and his hands, Christian proves with every gig and every production that he has a feel for the dance floor.

Following the House music of the 90s, he consistently works on creating new sound structures. The result is a groovy rhythm that communicates with his audience in a very special way. In a playful way, he creates a wide repertoire of moods that is reflected in the crowd. Inspired and motivated by the first House and Techno DJs of his home of the Baltic Sea, he got his first turntables at the age of 16. You might think that you have to live where the sound was created in a certain era. But Christian remembered his strengths.

Away from the urban big city, he has always kept the originality of his music. Christan has developed into a floor fighter. With a musical taste that ranges from his Tech House background to soulful Minimal sounds to kicking and atmospheric Techno, he has played many clubs and festivals over the last twenty years.

Christian not only brings his sound and vision to the dancefloor, he still manages to release more and more music.