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Aviell & Alternoize DJ

Aviell & Alternoize DJ
Artist Biography
The duo started their careers in northern Italy in the Turin area.

Aviell started in 1995 working for a friend at a local mobile disco. From that moment he felt deeply in love with the dance and electronic genres at the time played in the clubs on the magic vinyl records. Their passion for electronic music led him to work in local disco clubs and meet different relevant people in the industry which increased his already big love for the dance genre and gave him the vibe to work on his first programs.

Alternoize DJ, since his youth, found himself strongly attracted by the music played on the radio with a particular preference for the Italo-dance and Mediterranean progressive genres. In 2000 started his career behind the turntables as a DJ playing his music on the most relevant dance floors in the Turin area. Year after year he discovered the importance of music in his own life, exploring every time new genres such as trance, house, lounge, afro, indie rock, and the classics from the 70s and the 80s.

Together, in 2016, they launched their first single setting the first milestone that led them to evolve with new ideas and sounds, collaborating with singers such as Lokka Vox, Zoey, and Ekaterina Shelehova that successfully participated in Italia Got Talent 2021

The cooperation with SUEVI Records started in 2023 with the release of their new EP.