SUEVI Artist

Artist Biography
Portuguese DJs/Producers/Remixers duo. It's a fusion between the expertise of DJ Master S, whose music production abilities are well known and proved, as well as his DJ skills, and DJ Sergio Sousa, whose background in hip hop, reggae, and house, as well as his charisma on the decks and DJ skills turn this duo into a new way of performing music in their home country. They started their career together in 2015.

Born nearby Oporto, Portugal, they are continuously increasing their own success and they are undisputedly one of the new Portuguese revelations. 2WB put great emphasis on the quality of their productions and they want to put their productions on the highest level possible, reaching the top of the electronic music industry! 2WB are, as well, official ADE artists since 2017, playing in some ADE official clubs and parties.

On ADE 2018, 2WB appears as top DJs, playing in clubs such as Escape and VLLA, on ADE official and top parties, such as Festival Club VLLA, Rocky G Techno Factory, Escape All Night Session Techno V Channel Official Party. In 2019 they have been kept the track, being once again spotlight artists on ADE 2019, played at Escape. Their radio show Portechno Elements on is the No:1 Techno radio show.