SUEVI Support

Your support is vital and helps SUEVI Records to share our music catalog with the world.
There are many ways that you can donate to help our mission, and future projects. You can donate as an individual, or trought a foundation, trust or company.

Your support helps us, to the following:

- Website, and server technical maintenance costs.
- Publishing, and promotional costs.
- Graphic desgin costs (release cover, social media content, event flyers and posters, video editing, etc).
- Radio station, maintenance and sustenance costs.
- Artists promotion, events organizing costs.
- Technical support for live streaming (professional camera, professional light tehnics, high quality professional cables, professional microphones, professional licensed softwers, high performance hardware).
- Merchandise costs (special branded products).
- Traveling costs for artists, to reach events.

Donation Amount

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For more information about supporting the SUEVI tribe, please use this e-mail address: