SUEVI Release

Release Description
We re-release our label founder Robbie Jay's second track from 2018 and we included four awesome remixes from our tribe.
The release opens with the original mix, a true energetic yet melancholic production, which will take your mind and soul up to the skies. The powerful horn melody combined with the deep bassline will push some energy into the production, while the carefully collected natural sounds spiced with an emotional piano line will bring your soul to the carpet of the clouds.
Next, we jump to a deep house remix from 2WB, the artist duo from Portugal.
Following the remix of Cera Perdida from Colombia, with a serious melodic techno remix.
The penultimate track is a techno remix by the well-known Romanian techno artist, Horace Dan D.
The release closes with a remix of Peter GC from Argentina, who brings to us a catchy deep remix.
This release is a phenomenal experience and an amazing musical and geographical journey for everyone, who wants to enjoy these tracks at a party on the dance floor and disconnect their mind from the fast-growing world.
Release Info
01. Walking On Clouds (Original Mix)
02. Walking On Clouds (2WB Remix)
03. Walking On Clouds (Cera Perdida Remix)
04. Walking On Clouds (Horace Dan D. Remix)
05. Walking On Clouds (Peter GC Remix)

Genre: Progressive House | Deep House | Melodic Techno | Techno

Catalog No: SVR034
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