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Release Description
We proudly present our fourth release, from our brand new artist Peter GC right from Argentina, he brought to us two unforgettable musical composition, which is a perfect balance between the atmospheric and dark techno.

His debut release starts with his 'Indianapolis' track, which is a unique journey two an unforgettable world of atmospheric and dark techno. The carefully combined melodies and sound textures, will bring this track to another level and will make as a perfect choice for each momentum.

The second track of the release under the name of 'Minnesota', is a perfect anthem for the technological invention captured into a musical composition. The minimalistic melodies with the techno atmosphere, spiced with a melancholic bassline, makes this track a perfect choice for each after party.

Our fourth release is a unique follow up to the previous one, a true journey to the land of the techno music, and it's a perfect choice to everyone who enjoys the dark side of techno!
Release Info
01. Indianapolis (Original Mix)
02. Minnesota (Original Mix)

Genre: Techno | Minimal Techno

Catalog No: SVR004
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