The precision balance between music and technology, is constantly evolving the musical experience to the next level, this is a unique signature of a never ending evolution machine, what pushes the musical limits out of the boundaries.

The beginning of our jorney starts with the ideology of a music experience, what continuously can inspire the spirit, and also can encouraged to find new talents from all around the world. Focusing on amplifying our label family with motivated artists, to expend the creative art of music to a dance floor trademark, what can engraves deep in people's soul.

The name behind the label is a continuously evolving system, what is focusing to blur the limits between art and electronic dance music. Creating a unique flyover for artists, what is a way of expression and a break out from the framework of the past, and a beginning of a new chapter. Pushing the limits further and further, we try to challenge ourself constantly, to find new way of new expression to enhance the art of music.

Beside all of this, we are constantly looking for new music from talented artists, from all over the globe, to tessellate the missing pieces from our label history!